Watching this show the very first day was exhilarating. I usually don’t watch reality shows like this but the title made me curious. Four hours after watching the entire season, I have a lot to say but let me start with – Thank you Netflix! You have opened the door for many conversations to  come. Time for many young women (AND MEN) to be set free of these cultural biases. Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched “Indian Matchmaking” on Netflix yet, don’t read this article. If you don’t plan on watching the show, don’t read this article. Read this article only after you have watched all 8 episodes of Indian Matchmaking. First, let’s talk memes because we all could use a laugh The ultimate! Twitter beautifully points out the fact that after all the years of compromise, adjustment and flexibility, one finds out that their spouse is only a friend that they co-parent with. What a waste of all the expensive and luxurious wedding events!Could have just found a friend in our own circles and not spend so much money on moov to make ourselves so flexible for the MIL. The shallow criteria It seems offensive to elders to criticize the …


I had the chance to visit the pyramids of Giza at Egypt. It was truly glorious to see the large stones, the tombs, mummification and the things that belonged to a King buried in a far off land. Out in the desert by the Nile River, in a time of zero machinery, technology and automobile, a structure of 455 feet was built with bare hands and on wounded backs. This was all so that a mortal being may live on in luxury even after death. When the tour guides take you to the pyramids, the first thing they will point out is how big each stone is and the way it was built. Each stone is 2.5 tons heavy (2300 kgs, 5000lbs). This is significant because back in the time of Pharaoh, there were no boats, cranes or machinery to make and transport this stone. They only had the papyrus plant (tree). Remember, these pyramids are built away from the city. Which means they made the stone in the city and transported it through the Nile River which back then was the primary source of water for the entire land. To bring all these stones to the desert, they put …


After my Masters, I had almost two years of my life where I wasn’t sure where I was going. I really didn’t take the time to try to figure out what to do next. I always thought I will do one thing after another and not have any gap years or have that time to stay clueless of what to do next. Honestly, it was a difficult period as I didn’t know where I was going next. The uncertainty made it worse.  I remember taking up odd jobs because the options I had where not the ones I was supposed to invest in. I always knew where I was to go and what I was to do next but didn’t know if that was the right time to invest in that direction. Thinking about it now, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue what I now think I should have been doing. That lack of confidence was the focal demotivator to being frustrated, clueless and slightly starting to feel disappointed in myself. I did really give my 100% while I was doing those jobs. For some reason I thought “maybe my next venture will come out of this”. I always …


I met someone recently and got into a deep conversation about their background from the Christian faith and the choice to not believe in the Christian God. Though their parents and grandparents are those who evangelize for people to come to Church and follow Christ, that person, over the years in life, decided that the Bible does not have enough proof to show that creation and miracles are from a supernatural God but is a mere coincidence. This person also went on to say that the Bible is full of contradictions and does not correspond in timelines, whereas science with the help of paleontology, carbon dating and geology is more accurate. This kind of person, is someone I have seen on TV and heard about in my circle of friends but this is the first time that someone would be that open to define their rationing behind why they don’t believe in a God but would rather believe in science. Talking to this person, I had two options. I could either shut down the conversation or continue the conversation to go further into understanding where this thinking finds roots. Many of us Christians, are usually taught to defend our faith …


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