Sharon Angel

TV Show Host | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian | Motivational Speaker

Sharon Angel is a dynamic, young leader and a voice for this generation. Sharon’s passion lies in bridging societal divides between people of different status, faith, caste, race, age and gender. Her goal is to voice the concerns of the destitute and help facilitate their journey toward rehabilitation, employment, freedom, and peace through her work in media and justice.

Speech Delegations: Alliance for Peacebuilding, US Institute of Peace, International Women’s Peace Group, Jerusalem Center for Peace & Truth, Empower Women Media

Appears on: CBN News, Catholic Universe, ADF India, Religious Freedom and Business Foundation

Growing up immersed in media, Sharon has studied and worked with media organizations around the world to effectively take her message to a global audience. As a Bachelor in Broadcast Communication, Graduate of MFA in Cinema-Television, and producer of several programs at her job with a broadcast network, she empowers other women media advocates with technical skills to produce their own show. Sharon speaks around the world, teaches and trains leaders on how they can effectively use video and social media, to deliver their message on a visual platform.

Sharon’s passion lies in her video project, “Random Thoughts”. The YouTube series started in 2013 and shares the truly random thoughts through matters she encounters in her life, travels, work and leisure. She has taken on difficult subjects starting from domestic violence, religious freedom, peaceful relationships, child labor, disaster relief, mental health to everyday topics like having a bad day, the meaning of love and spending. Her channel encourages people to open up and share their experiences on matters that tear people apart, so that Sharon can do her part in inspiring a new perspective for peace, bridging the gap and stimulating reconciliation. Subscribers also get a sneak peek into her life through her vlogs, as she showcases some of her favorite things to do while she travels and reminisces about growing up in India.

Sharon is an active humanitarian and now an entrepreneur owning a video production company in California, helping organizations and leaders produce video and social media content around the world.


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