The courage to identify who you are

Sharon angel

In The Courage to Identify Who You Are (#1 New Release on Amazon), Author Sharon Angel shares a blueprint for breaking the mold of cultural assimilation to discover one's true identity and walk in it confidently. She gracefully confronts and overcomes Indian traditions for marriage, beauty, and career while transparently walking us through the process of finding herself as a third-culture kid turned internationally respected journalist.

After growing up in a well-known Indian, missionary family with everything pre-planned from faith, marriage, money, and legacy, Sharon Angel experienced an identity crisis that forced her to discover her true self apart from her last name and culture which defined her formative years.

The Courage to Identify Who You Are is a masterful read to guide young adults through the process of self-discovery and breaking through the tension of labels and societal expectations.

The courage to

identify who you are

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“For all those who aspire to achieve your dreams and ambitions defying all odds, this is for you.”
- JP
“Your story is the key to unlock someone else’s prison” - these words are so true when it comes to this beautifully written book which must be read by all youngsters. It gives the necessary push to achieve things in life, to face struggles and overcome them, and the courage to travel this journey of life.”
- Linda
“If you are struggling to find yourself, your mission, your passions, your identity, take a moment to thumb through the pages of this book and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”
- Fernweh
“This book not only gives a glimpse into her life behind the scenes but also spurs its readers to assess their own motivations and “triggers” to live in a way that is honest to themselves”
- Hazel
“It's imperative for anyone who identifies the value of human identity to read this and understand some very basic hidden human truths of identity.”
- Naveen
“Rather than accepting the identity that was handed to us, we need to step out and sculpt our own narrative. And this book makes you want to do just that! Highly recommend!”
- Riji


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